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My Bittersweet Jaunt through Iceland: Wet Socks in the Land of Ice and Fire

January 15, 2018

Everything you’ve heard about Iceland is absolutely true.

(A) It’s beautiful as sin.
(B) The weather changes every hour, and will mercilessly whoop your ass.
(C) It’s unbelievably expensive – get ready…

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Cava and Tapas in Barcelona

January 8, 2018

Image Gallery Credit: Marcus Liang

Barcelona, September 2017.

The simple task of ordering a drink has devolved into a hilarious game of lingual charades.  After watching Lamide, Sam, and Jasmine gesture wildly…

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Day Trip from Barcelona to Montserrat: Reach New Heights in Catalonia

December 31, 2017

You would never guess of Montserrat’s august presence when passing by train.  Nestled on a misty mountaintop, it’s an enchanted monk’s town surrounded by a nature lover’s paradise.

Whoever discovered…

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Spice Up Your Playlist with these 5 Outlandishly Colorful Thai Pop Hits

December 18, 2017

Welcome to misfit moves,  your travel and culture alternative! I invite you to spice up your playlists,  keep things fresh, and push some cultural boundaries with this music curated from around the…

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A Hilarious Guide to Avoiding Shitty Hostels

December 10, 2017

I have a love/hate relationship with hostels

The concept of bringing solo travelers together under one roof and throwing them into common areas and shared kitchens is brilliant in a…