misfit moves: a travel and culture alternative

My name is Byron, and I’m not your average cookie.  Instead of a delicious and gooey chocolate chip center, I contain the following: black licorice, salt, devils, lots and LOTS of freckles, and a plethora of other absurdities.  I’m a bumbling fool and a maladjusted introvert with a unique perspective on offer.   I was born a misfit and I am determined to make some moves throughout this world in my own special way.

“So is this a travel blog?  A memoir?  Will there be delicious seven-layer-dip recipes thrown in?”   

All of this is to be determined, my voracious friend.  For now, expect lots of pretty pictures and stories to go along with them.

misfit moves will reach places that don’t conform to social media Sunday Funday cliché.  It will be an honest take on what it is like to travel, learn, and live on the fringe of normal.