My name is Byron, and I’m not your average cookie.  Instead of a delicious and gooey chocolate chip center, I contain the following: black licorice, salt, devils, lots and LOT of freckles, and a plethora of other absurdities.  I’m a bumbling fool and a maladjusted introvert with a unique perspective on offer.   I was born a misfit and I am determined to make some moves throughout this world in my own special way.

“So is this a travel blog?  A memoir?  Will there be delicious seven-layer-dip recipes thrown in?”   

All of this is to be determined, my voracious friend.  For now, expect lots of pretty pictures from this beautiful/dreadful world, and stories to go along with them.

misfit moves will reach places that don’t conform to social media Sunday Funday cliché.  It will be an honest take on what it is like to travel, learn, and live on the fringe of normal.  Whether we feel spurned by society, act a bit too strange for the normies, or suffer from a real mental illness, us misfits must stick together.  This is a home for weirdos like me, and for those who seek to understand all dozen of us better.

Now that we’ve got the posturing out of the way, allow me to summarize my general interests by way of handy-dandy bullet points:

  • Nature

As a budding lumbersexual, I began casually backpacking in the north Georgia mountains in 2014.  I enjoy starting (safe!) fires but otherwise fleeing from all forms of light pollution.  How else is a modern man to reclaim his lost soul?  If you’ve hung in a hammock, climbed a cliff, gawked at a glacier, or admired the arts of alliteration and assonance, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Tea

Give me the dankest of the dank.  Have you heard of pu-erh?  The name makes this variety of tea sound brown and smelly, which it most certainly is.  The leaves are pressed into bricks and fermented (sometimes for decades) to make a very peaty and probiotic product.  Some call it the bleu cheese of tea due to the funkiness.  I enjoy lots of other varieties, most notably green and oolong.  Stay tuned for potential tea expeditions in Asia.

  • Music

I was a marching band nerd (alto sax!) and later taught myself guitar and hobbyist songwriting/recording.  Adolescent Byron worshipped a lot of 80’s and 90’s alternative music – The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, etc –  and my taste springs from that.  This being a contrarian blog of sorts, I’m obligated to list some artists that I don’t think get enough appreciation:  School of Seven Bells, Magnolia Electric Co., Pinback, and Working for a Nuclear Free City

  • Brains and how they sometimes suck

I’ve long been interested in our coping mechanisms for the human condition, and can cop to searching for solutions to my own problems.  I’ve “suffered”  from depression and anxiety, but due to my stoic nature and avoidance strategies can usually hide it from the thought police.  Philosophy, religion, and psychology books are absolute gold mines if you are looking for new perspectives. I read a lot of these and try (unsuccessfully) to keep a meditation practice.  I hope that this bloggity-blog can help myself and others move about this world in a positive and healthy way.

  • Professional Wrestling

While we’re being uncomfortably open with each other… I’ve held this secret for too long.  A repressed interest from childhood, my fandom came back out when watching old WWF “Attitude Era” videos with a friend after work (what’s up, bigwig?).  I needed something stupid in my life to offset the soul-crushing daily grind. Little did I know I’d end up buying tickets to Wrestlemania and becoming a subhuman in the process.

Now that I’ve thoroughly weirded you out, it’s time to get out there and challenge routine. Are you coming?

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